Credo and Scope of Business

For the past half century, Stern Development has been actively involved in development and investment projects throughout the United States. Our credo is to be outstanding corporate citizens and to provide our partners, investors, and clients with a full-range of services that add measurable value to development projects with a positive impact on the surrounding community.

Company History

Stern Development was founded by the late Ben Stern, an entrepreneur and holocaust survivor. Over sixty years ago, he started a small construction and development business built on a foundation of integrity and hard work. His initial focus was the development and construction of over two hundred 7-Eleven convenience stores. Over thirty years ago, Bill Stern joined his father’s firm and expanded the business with a series of larger retail, office, and industrial projects. Over the past three decades Stern Development has focused on major developments including grocery chains and other big box anchored centers in partnership with some of the leading service, industrial, and retail operations in the nation.

Projects and Plans

Stern Development is currently engaged in a variety of blended projects, including an innovative public-private development partnership with the South Carolina state government.  Stern Development played a central role in the development of The South Carolina State Farmer’s market which now serves as a national model for a mixed-use hybrid multiplex that blends retail, wholesale, industrial, and land development in the field of agribusiness.

Based on our diverse experience in retail, office, and industrial development, Stern Development is seeking new projects throughout the United States. As we have throughout our sixty-year history, Stern Development will continue to offer innovation through enterprise with integrated services that add value to everything we do.

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